Wednesday, 2 October 2013

350 Block Challenge - Blocks from September


It's looking like pinwheel blocks are going to play a big role this month.  For years, I have made stitch and flip blocks.  I usually added that extra seam for I could trim of the extra fabric and have a spare half square triangle. These have been collecting and the box is over flowing.  Time to do something with them.  Since pinwheels look so pretty, that's what I am going to make.  Later I'll determine how I'm going to put them together.

Here's the first two that I made from left over pieces from the baby quilt.  These measure about 5 inches each.  2

Also made the 5 blocks for the baby quilt.  I wrote about this quilt in an earlier post.

3 Friendship stars for my Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along

14 assorted autumn colour pinwheels + 3 that some how missed the photo

1 broken dishes and 8 pinwheels in brights. 
This is the arrangement I am thinking of using for this little wall hanging.

23 mini churn dash for my niece's quilt.
In an earlier post, I shared 6 blocks from my Saturday Morning class as my local quilt shop. (way at the bottom of the post)
Total for the month of September  65
Year to date total: 152


Shelly said...

Way to go! You DID have a good month! Here's to an even better one for both of us in October! Woohoo!

Marie said...

Great blocks, Heather. You had an awesome month! Good luck with your goal.