Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tangled Thursdays - A new occasional post

Back in May 2013, I posted about a Zentangle class that I took at a local quilt shop.  A few of my readers were more than interested.  They looked up the resources mentioned, picked up pen and paper and haven't looked back.  A comment from Marie, at Daisy's Book Journal, made me realize that I also was lacking in inspiration.  I suggested to her that we form and informal group and challenge each other with drawing ideas.  Then I asked Tami at Just one More Thing, and she is in for the fun.  Hopefully a few others tanglers will join in with us.  Come on back next week when every thing should be coming up daisies.

At my son's last hair cut, I was trying to describe Zentangles to his stylist.  I don't think I was successful and felt that it would be best if I drew a tile for him.  This is an image of the one I did for him.  I wanted to put together a bunch of different techniques.  I know that he was interested from the point of view of incorporating the style in his tattoos.  He was quite pleased and now has it displayed at his cutting station at the salon.


Rikki said...

Love it Heather. I haven't done much with zentangling yet. but am getting newsletters and am waiting to get into the spirit to actually start in earnest.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Everything is fine. I have just not been in the mood for book blogging and am focused on my scrapbooking blog instead.

Marie said...

Nice introductory post! I love your tangled tile. I only recognize one or two of the patterns. Nice!

Tami said...

Can't wait to get started on this weekly feature. My daisy is complete and waiting to be posted. Thanks for coming up with the great idea.