Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekend Cooking : In Baking Colour

At the end of August, daughter and I participated in the inaugural 'In Running Colour' foot race.  What a blast.  There are lots of photos available at the race site. Wanting to continue with that theme, I knew the perfect cake to make for the Race Director Lloyd Schmidt when his birthday rolled around the other week.  A colourful cake of course.

Aside from the pretty sprinkles, what could make this a colour cake?
I started with a basic white cake mix.
In three bowls I put about 2 tablespoons of batter and added lots of drops of colours.

Drop these coloured batters into the rest of the plain batter.

It really doesn't matter how neat and tidy you are.

Swirl with a knife or tooth pick

And swirl a little bit more

Bake.  The only thing I would change, would be to get the colours closer to the edge of the pan.

The following photos are by Julie Schmidt, official RunWaterloo photographer.


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Marie said...

Nice! I love the colours you chose. It's great that they stayed so vibrant after baking. It looks yummy, too. ;)

Molly said...

Such a clever idea! This would make a wonderful festive cake for any occasion

Beth F said...

How fun!! What an easy way to add color and a surprise to a regular cake.

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

This is so cute- great job!

Joy said...

That is so pretty! I had no idea you could do that with cake.

Joy's Book Blog

Cecelia said...

Oh, how fun is that cake?! Love the colors and the frosting and the way it looks on the inside.

JoAnn said...

So pretty... and what a great idea!!