Friday, 1 November 2013

350 Block Challenge from October


350 Block Project 2013 .  I have been having fun playing catch up with this challenge.  I managed to add another 61 blocks for a total of 213.  It's going to be tough to complete the challenge by the end of the year, but even with what I have don so far, I feel successful.  I got to some projects that had been languishing forever.  Now they are moving ahead full speed. yippee. 

I added 5 blocks for the Saturday morning class at my local shop.  now to make the 40 small blocks for the setting.  eeks. better get stitching.

6 blocks were needed to finish my Aiming for Accuracy quilt top.

My niece started university this fall and I want to make a quilt for her dorm room.  I used the Gretchen block pattern by Debby Kratovil.

I had planned to make 35 blocks, but got carried away to 42, and then realized that it would be a better size if I made 48 blocks. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a good looking block - I almost started to use it this week and switched to an easy easy block for a child's quilt

Shelly said...

For getting such a late start, you're doing fantastic! I've had all year, and you're almost caught up with me!

Kate said...

Wow, you have been sewing up a storm. Nice work.

Unknown said...

Hi Heather,
Just wanted to stop by and say hi.
I'm doing OK with the side effects of the chemo and go to the local Cancer Hosp each two weeks for an infusion.
If you get a chance, please stop at my blog and say hi.
I don't get out as much as before, no more jogging. However, I do love hearing from friends.

Anonymous said...

That is going to be such a beautiful quilt! I bet your niece will love it. It's always nice to have something bright to cheer up a dorm room. Even better when it's a quilt made with love.