Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tangled Thursday - Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

 This weeks challenge was posed by Elaine, Hearts in any configuration.  I had fun with this.  Hubby looked at this one and asked why I had barbed wire in a heart?  

Heart wire
Bead lines

Welcome to Tangled Thursday.  A few of my local and online friends have joined me in an occasional Zentangle challenge.  We'll take turns choosing a theme  and them post our drawings in about 2 weeks time.  All are welcome to join in the fun.  If you are new to Zentangles, then visit the website for a complete explanation and all sorts of online resources.  I'm also a big fan of
I usually have at least one book on the go which means I frequently are looking for bookmarks.  Tangles from top to bottom: papyrus, tipple, squares, static, bales, mist, sag, cross stitch, and this one's name is unknown

I decided to go with tangles that started with H.  Hollibaugh, HekZee, Hibred, Hypnotic

I traced this heart from a quilt stencil and cut it from white paper.  Tangles used: Paushalov, Pia, Barber Pole, Knightsbridge, Dugwud

Our next challenge will be posed by Tami at Just One More Thing.
For next week's (November 21) challenge, the theme is "Thanksgiving".  Interpret that however you would like - related shapes, words, patterns or whatever strikes you.  
Did you join in today and tangle a heart or hearts, add your link below:


Marie said...

Very nice, Heather. I like them all, especially the purple on the last one. It really sets off the black and white of the tile. Good choice! You've used a bunch of wonderful tangles I'm not familiar with. I'll definitely have to look some of them up.

Thanks for hosting.

Threeundertwo said...

These are amazing. I have to learn how to do this. I love all of them.

Tami said...

Wow - prolific hearts! And they're all great. I see a couple new patterns that I didn't know so I pinned them for copying later.

Tangled bookmarks are a great idea. Stocking stuffers! I have been tangling some plain brown gift tags for use on Christmas gifts, but hadn't thought of bookmarks. Another idea stolen. :)