Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Finished Wingspan scarf

Most of you have met my mother, Elaine, in earlier posts.  In this photo she is modeling her latest bag.  It was made all with half square triangles and is from a pattern by Edyta of Laundry Basket Quilts.  Mom attends a monthly Laundry Basket Quilts Club at Cornerstone Quilts in London, Ontario and they are preparing for their club show early in spring.   She won't be giving away this bag until after the show.

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Is the snow falling fast and heavy in your neck of the woods, then check out my post from yesterday for a bit of summer.
Among a layering of quilts on mom's guest bed, this little bit of something she is working on was peeking out.  Once she finishes the Laundry Basket projects laying on top of it, I'll get a better photo for you. I couldn't resist this little tease.  It's a design she put together using left overs from previous jelly roll projects.
Last week I showed the Wingspan scarf that I had started.  It's done.  I had to share two photos as the colour is off in both.  It is actually purples and greens.  Near the bottom right you can see a piece of wool attached, that was all that was left of the two balls after I bound off.  Now that was cutting it close.  I'll be mailing this gift of shortly.

I'm pleased with my progress on the quilt using the 'broken herringbone' blocks.  It needs some sashing and then I'm setting it on point as I want a larger top.  I'll have to introduce additional fabrics as I'm running out of these one. This is my favourite way to piece a top.  start with a known block and then improvise with what you have on hand and let that guide me.  Originally this was going to be a two block table runner, but that's been long forgotten.

Do you ever find that a project grows far beyond where you had thought it would go?

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Peggy said...

That is an amazing scarf. I looked up some more pictures - how gorgeous!! Think I might have to try one of those.

Marie said...

I love the scarf!! At first I thought you had made two. :)

I love your Mom's bag. It's gorgeous. I'm anxiously waiting to see more of her scrappy quilt...a great way to use up some leftovers.

Most of my projects are bigger than I thought they'd be. Either they grow (like you beautiful herringbone quilt) or I underestimate the amount of work. One of the reasons some (many?) sit unfinished.

Anyway, great work this week. I'll be posting my needlework later this evening.

Roslyn said...

I too struggle with true color posting pics sometimes it is SO far off like these of yours, it is very frustrating. And of course everyone's screen will show different too most likely, who knows how awful it may look to some!
very nice scarf can you show a pic. of it actually in use?

Marie said...

I just linked my post as promised. I, too, would love to see the scarf in "action". ;)

Have a great week.