Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Homemade Ornaments

This is a special Needlework Tuesday post.  Instead of my usual needlework, I am sharing my homemade ornaments, some made by me and some by others and I invite my readers to share photos and stories of theirs.  I have added Mr. Linky for those who have posts of their ornaments.  Feel free to add a link to a photo of your Christmas Tree.

The red glass stars were made by a local artist and sold by a church youth group raising money for an overseas mission.

Painted for me by my hairdresser.  She recycled and old sock for the hat and a sealing lid from a canning jar for the face.

My son made this for daddy when he was 5 years old.  My mother has a pinecone painted silver that her brother made over sixty years ago. 

My godson made this for me about 20 years ago.  Alex passed away 2 1/2 years ago and this ornament has a very special presence on my tree.

I stitched this during my smocking exploration. It's the only one that I made.  I do think it was stitched about the same time my nephew made me the above ornament.

The two folded star ornaments were made at a smocking guild meeting.  I made a bunch more at home and gave them to family. 

This is my one attempt at Battenberg lace.  It was done as a sampler in a class with the smocking guild.  I never did any more, but did enjoy learning.  at that point I didn't have as much patience for slower projects.

One of my quilting friends stitched this a few years back.

My godson loved sprinkle donuts and when I saw the pattern for crocheted donuts, I knew I would have to make these.  I made them for all the family members and still have a dozen or so more in progress.  My favourite part was adding the beaded sprinkles.  Additional donuts are shown in this earlier post.

You are invited to add a link to your post about your homemade ornaments, or leave a comment and tell me about them there.