Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Needlework Tuesday - Knitting up a Storm

I had some spare time on my hands before Christmas and decided it was the perfect time to try out this quick pattern for a bottle cosy.  It was designed to keep a bottle of champagne chilly, but that's not how it's getting used.  pattern is from 50 Knitted Gifts for Year-Round Giving  from Sixth and Spring Books.  I received the pattern for free in an email from the company.  Visit their site to sign up for their newsletter.  I knit only 4 pattern repeats as my bottle must be smaller than the champagne bottle shown in the pattern image.

Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where I share the progress of my various needlework projects over the past week. I enjoy the encouragement that I receive from my readers and in return visit their blogs and cheer them on with theirs. You are welcome to grab the cute little mouse and create your own Needlework Tuesday post. Leave a comment with a link and I'll be sure to visit with you.

A simple request from daughter for a knit headband to keep her ears warm, promises to turn in to a year long adventure. A quick search of the internet turned up dozens of free patterns that I want to try.  I decided that I would start with one by my friend Paulina, Julie's Cabled Headband.  We have been local book club friends for a few years and I didn't even realise that she had this pattern on her blog.    You can find it at Ravelry or on her blog.  First time I knit it, I followed the directions and knit a narrow section for the back of the head. See the second photo.

Daughter says this won't keep her ears warm enough, and asked for a modification.  This time, I used this cool yarn that we are calling cookies and cream and cast on the full number of stitches and started right into the cable pattern.  She loves how it turned out.  Next time this will be made with a wool or wool blend for a bit more added wind protection.  These are made with worsted weight yarns.
Daughter's friend was over and she mentioned that she had asked for a headband for Christmas but hadn't received one.  Of course, I offered to knit one.  She wanted something a bit narrower but one that would still cover the ears.  And since I enjoy knitting cables I found this one called XOXO Headband and is available for free on Ravelry.  I wanted to work with yarn on hand, and used some worsted weight.  The buttons are purely decorative, though the pattern instructs to make button holes.
From ear cosies, I moved on to the teapot.  I have been meaning to stitch some of these for ages, and finally got my start.  I intend to knit at least one new one each month this year.  No, I don't really need that many, so I will probably end up giving many of them away.  I wanted to start with an easy one and this certainly fit.  The Pumpkin Tea Cosy pattern is available free on Ravelry and is from  Buttons and Beeswax. I knit this is acrylic worsted weight.  It's easily washed and keeps the pot warm enough.    Next up, is the Purple Teacozy of Sex, it looks like a button up purple sweater.  I down loaded it when it was a free pattern, it is now for sale for $2.00. 

I'd welcome suggestions of teacosy patterns to knit or crochet in future months.

Progress on my second wingspan scarf is going very well.  This one is for me to keep. 
The temperature scarves and coming along nicely.  The one on the left is for Waterloo, Ontario, the one on the right is a mystery location which I will reveal when I it's finished.  It's been fun to compare the two locations.  The orange and the purple represent about a 30C range.  I didn't quite get to the end of the month, I'm two days short as the historic function wasn't working on the Weather Network today. 
One final last minute project.  A friend's daughter is far away from home for university and she is really missing the farm animals of home.  I felt that a few funky chickens would be a fun reminder.  Pillow cases are a wonderful gift for any age and they take only a short time to stitch. 

Along with the tea cosies and headbands, I plan to stick with more one ball projects as well as work up some kits that I already have in my possession.  Instead of piecing, I'll be working on machine quilting all those tops I completed last year. 

 Do you have plans for your year of Stitching?  Leave a comment and I'll drop by to encourage you.

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Threeundertwo said...

Love the earwarmer ideas! And I've been meaning to make tea cozies for a while too. There are a lot of cute patterns out there. That pumpkin would be so cute in the Fall.

Thanks for hosting and happy Tuesday!

Kate said...

I am on a bag kick at the moment, intensified by a new book I got for Christmas.
Yesterday, I made a tote bag. The new eReader needs a case for travel. I don't seem to be short on ideas. Now to get them to completion.
Happy New Year!

Tami said...

So many beautiful projects! Im especially fond of the red headband with buttons! And the pumpkin tea cozy is adorable - even through I dont own a tea pot. :)

Marie said...

Great work as usual, Heather! Love the headbands and tea cozy.

You temperature scarves are terrific. I'm really loving that fringe.

Sorry, I don't have my post up this week. I ran into some problems with my sweater, so that didn't get finished. I'll definitely try for next week.

Paulina said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up with your blog. I'm glad you found the headband pattern. All your projects are lovely!