Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Scar Boys by Len Vlahos

Read this book, now.  If it's currently on your wish list, move it to the top, and if it's not, then it really should be.

Several times while reading, I had to remind myself that it was fiction and not a biography.  The descriptions of situations and Harry's emotional responses seemed so real and appropriate for a teenage boy.

Harry has led an unusual life and when completing his application for university, he find that the tiny space available to add supplementary information about himself,  is too small.  Instead of the allotted  250 words, he starts writing the story of his life, spanning some 200 plus pages.  Through his words, we learn of the tragic accident which left him physically scarred and which impacted him long after ward.

Why do I recommend this book.  For the most part, we all live safe predictable lives.  We feel sorry for ourselves when something bad happens to us.  Bad might be failing a test we didn't study for, missing out on a sale price on  a desired piece of clothing, or sprouting  a pimple the day before school photos.  This story will help put your views back in perspective.  From a parents point of view, it serves as a reminder to value your children for who they are, not who we want them to be or who they might have grown up to be if only some malady or mishap hadn't happened. 

Website for author Len Vlahos
Thanks to Egmont USA for my ebook review copy.


Roslyn said...

I never seem to be able to take the time for a lot of actual reading anymore, opting for the audiobooks that allow me to multi task! And the "wannaread" list grows!

Shelley said...

\oh gosh heather, you got me with that last line of your post..."who they might have grown up to be if some malady hadn't happened" . I don't know if I could read this book..

Felicity Grace Terry said...

High recommendation indeed, thanks for bringing this to my attention.