Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Needelwork Tuesday: Help needed with Antique Tulip Quilt

Today I have a special Needlework Tuesday post.  This lovely double tulip quilt belongs to my daughter's voice teacher.  It was made by one of her great grandmothers in 1937.  As expected, it is in need of some careful attention.  It has already been treated to some replacement patches by her grandmother, and now Angela want to replace some more.

This is the sole remaining original block.  It appears to be a double tulip. If you look carefully, you can notice that the tulip has a second set of petals in pale pink. In all the other blocks, they have been replaced with a single unit and the curved petal behind the middle one has disappeared.

I've done a little colour manipulation in this image to try and bring up the pale petals.

Most of the blocks look like this one where the applique is almost totally worn away.

The blocks are about 11 inches square and are set on point, alternating with a plain block.  This corner triangle in a replacement.  The originals appear to have been a pale pink.

Both grandmother's signatures embroidered in pale pink.

I don't have any books on antique quilts and my online research hasn't yielded any info on this block.  I have seen one similar one but the stem is very different.  Any help in identifying the pattern would be appreciated.

Also, We are going to replace the binding, actually add a new binding over the top.  Should we stick with the ivory/white or go with pink or green?  I don't want to remove the original binding as I'm afraid that if I remove it it will weaken the edge and perhaps some of the quilting threads will come loose.  The quilting is in very good shape with few breaks.  As a side note, many of the knots are on the outside of the quilt and not buried inside.  The threads have been cut right tight up to the knot.  The quilt measures approximately 65 x 78 inches.  It is well loved and cared for by Angela.

Did you do some needlework this past week, perhaps while watching some of the Olympic events?  Visit Mr. Linky below and add a link to your post.  i'll be sure to stop by and leave a comment.


Tami said...

I don't have a clue about the pattern or restoration methods, but it certainly has an interesting history. And it's beautiful! The pale pink. barely visible, petals are a nice touch. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Kate said...

I am knitting away as I watch all those amazing Canadians.

Deb said...

It looks like the grandmothers were very creative and possibly combined the tulip pattern with the stem and leaf pattern of the Carolina Lily pattern,which many wonderful quilters have done over the decades. In regard to the binding I would use the pink or green as white may be too bright considering the age of the quilt. As a quilter myself I would also keep the original binding intact. I hope this is helpful to you.