Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tangled Thursday - Sealing Jars and Such

I'm a wee bit late this morning.  A storm blew out of nowhere this morning about a minute after daughter left for school and a situation developed.  When your daughter calls moments after she's left, you start to worry and then when she uses the words ' pile up', you really get anxious.  Well, it was the cars in front of her and she was safe.  All this within a couple hundred metres of home. 

Now for tangle time.  The theme of  JARS was posed by Elaine.  When I was talking with her the other day, she said that she imagined a Mason jar with a layered mix in it.  I couldn't get it out of my head.  I think this would be a cookie mix, and the lollipop layer would be large candy coated nuts.  Tangles used: floating disks, Asian fans, cubine, lollipops and static variation.  My drawing is about 5 inches tall.
Welcome to Tangled Thursday.  A few of my local and online friends have joined me in an occasional Zentangle challenge.  We'll take turns choosing a theme  and them post our drawings in about 2 weeks time.  All are welcome to join in the fun.  If you are new to Zentangles, then visit the website for a complete explanation and all sorts of online resources.  I'm also a big fan of

I had been thinking along a different line, a line of jars.  These are supposed to be jars of jam, hence I chose tangles with circles which are to represent the berries.  Now that I'm looking at them in the fresh light of morning, they look more like Ben &Jerry icecream cartons.  not that I have any trouble with that at all.  Tangles used:  rain variation and culdesac, kings crown and andaluthia, papyrus and printemps.  Each measures about 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches .

I hope that you've been finding a bit of time to tangle.  It's a fun and relaxing adventure.  You can keep what you draw to yourself or you can post it online and add your link to Mr. Linky below.  Leave me a comment and let me know how you express yourself artistically.


Marie said...

Great work, Heather. I especially love the layered one.

Tami said...

Both are great interpretations of the theme. I like the look of the 3 jars - using just one pattern to fill each of them. I always try to over complicate things and you often can't see what the pattern really is because I crowd them too much.

Actually, the set of three make me think of Starbucks cups. The franchise should produce Zentangled cups! Might help justify a $5 cup of coffee :)