Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Needlework Tuesday - Getting Close to a Finish

Yesterday we were concerned with the melt water, rain and flooding, and today I was back outside clearing several inches of snow off my solar panels.  That just about sums up the predictability of Canadian weather.  I will admit that it keeps us on our toes, but also keeps our winter parkas handy well into May and even later in to June if you decide to go camping.  I even put my kids in their snowsuits one year when we went out to watch the fireworks on Canada Day, June 1.  In light of the weather, I guess it's timely that I have been working on afghans this week.
I am determined to fnish the salmon coloured one I am stitching for my younger sister.  I have three of the seven rows stitched together.   I think it looks terrific.  So warm and snuggy.  She's going to love it.

I love it when my friends visit for Needlework Tuesday.  I find the comments they leave are so very inspiring that I can't wait to get back to my latest project.  I visit back with each and every one who leaves a comment and do likewise with them.  I only hope that the comments I leave are just as encouraging.    Feel free to grab the cute little mouse button and add it to your current needlework post.  Mr. Linky is waiting below for your link.
The crochet along for Red Heart is at the half way part.  I'm stitching the fifth pattern block; it alternated treble and single crochet stitches in the same row.  They are much more subtle than the popcorns of a previous pattern, more like a blackberry. 
Here's what I have so far for this afghan.  It's not to late to start, all the blocks can be found at Red Heart, from their Facebook page or their blog. 

I'm thinking that once I finish these two afghans, I'll move to smaller and lighter weight projects for the summer.  Each year I aspire to working in my garden and perhaps planting some vegetables and some gorgeous flowers, but it doesn't happen.  I pull the minimal amount of weeds, cut my asparagus  and maybe a little of the rhubarb.  I am curious, do you stitch all summer or do you take a gardening break?


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love your Salmon afghan, it's beautiful. Your crochet along is coming along. Love the colors your using. They look so good together. Have a great day!!

Food For Thought

Marie said...

That's a lovely pattern on your salmon coloured afghan. It's beautiful.

Thanks for the link on the Crochet Along. I'd love to do it. Yours looks great. I'll have a look at it, but I probably won't start it anytime soon.

I'll definitely be taking a needlework/crafting break do so some gardening. We already started planning and as soon as the snow melts and it dries up, we'll be starting on those plans. With 3 acres to tend to (some of it natural forest), there's always something to do. Once we've started, though, I hope to get back to some garden crafts that I had hoped to get to over the winter, but didn't.

The one exception: My temperature scarf still has another 1.5 months to go and I'll be keeping up with that.

Tami said...

Marie is right - the salmon afghan is lovely! And you are right, too - your sister will love it.

Love the colors in your squares afghan. It will be stunning when it's done.

Kate said...

We were in the 20's on Monday and -14 last night. Isn't spring delightful.