Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tangled Thursday - Easter, Any way you draw it

Spring finally seems to be moving into our region and with it brings thought of Easter. Reflecting back over past Easter weekends, I recall playing outside in light sweaters, yet on other years, being bundled in heavy parkas.  This year, I am planning on hiding eggs outdoors for my youngest nephew.  I don't think these eggs will be part of the stash.  Tami, from Just One More Thing, drew on eggs a few weeks back, so I had to take up the challenge.  The first one I did, the mauve with Hollibaugh was difficult.  That egg is a flexible plastic which really didn't want to take the ink of the Sharpie marker.  It kept rubbing off on my hand.  The second egg, bright pink, is a hard plastic and it went much better with Intersection.  More details below on how I did the pink egg.

Welcome to Tangled Thursday.  A few of my local and online friends have joined me in an occasional Zentangle challenge.  We'll take turns choosing a theme  and them post our drawings in about 2 weeks time.  All are welcome to join in the fun.  If you are new to Zentangles, then visit the website for a complete explanation and all sorts of online resources.  I'm also a big fan of
How did I draw those lines.  When I tried drawing free hand on the first egg, those lines wobbled all over the place.  For the second egg, I used a little trick.  Place a rubber band around the egg where I want the line, the trace along side.  Move the band to the next place I want a line and draw.
All the main lines are in place and ready for freehand completion.  I found it much easier to place the egg down on a surface (a pillow on my lap) and then draw.  When I held it in my hand, the lines tended to get messy.  Always test your marker on the surface you want to use.  In my case, a Sharpie brand marker worked, but on others I use the Sakura Pigma markers.
From Easter eggs to a cross.  A classic symbol of rebirth and renewal during this season.  It is about 6 inches high by 4 1/2 inches wide.  Tangles used: Window Grills, Papyrus, Floating Disks, Hollibaugh, Frond and Static.  To make the cross shape, I folded a piece of paper top to bottom and cut a pleasing shape, then laid it on my paper and lightly traced with a pencil.
To finish up this theme, I had to include a cute little bunny.  She was drawn free hand.  She's about 4 inches tall.  Tangles used: Queen's Crown, Mumsy, Intersection (can you tell that I really like this one), Weave and Betweed.  For the face, I drew the eyes on first, though it would have been easier if I hadn't. I drew the rest of the face on after ward with a thicker marker

I hope that my friends and I have been able to encourage you to try your pen at Zentangles.  I do it for the relaxation and to help me with my machine quilting.  It's working.  I do find it hard to fit everything into my day, but it's worth the effort.  Even a few minutes spent doing a tangle helps to relax me.  If you've been thinking of giving it a try, please do, you might surprise your self and find it enjoyable.  ps, it's also something you can do with your kids and/or grandkids.

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Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Like the bunny, she's cute. As for using some embroidery on my teapot. I hadn't thought of it, but it is a good suggestion. Have a great day!!


Tami said...

I am behind schedule! Even though we had two weeks for this challenge, I only made time to give it one try and I wasn't happy with the results - so I will be posting my Thursday post over the weekend.

All of your creations are wonderful. Don't know if it was intentional, but the patterns you used on the cross remind me of palm branches - very appropriate.

Marie said...

Nice work, Heather. It looks like we had similar ideas...eggs and crosses. Love the bunny, too.

I've yet to tangle on something other than paper. I don't think I'm brave enough yet.

I love your elastic trick for drawing straight lines. You're brilliant!!!

I finally have my post up. Sorry it's late.