Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Needlework Tuesday - Well it doesn't really look like a cupcake

Does my title have you wondering why I am talking about cupcakes in a needlework post. Actually, it does make sense. In April I started crocheting a tea cosy that is supposed to look like a cupcake.Daughter and I chose the pale blue for the cupcake paper.  It is a very thick stitch, double crochets alternating around the front post and then back post.  Single crochet for the chocolate cake and then a long white spiral for the frosting.  It is cute but both of us think it looks more like a 'magic mushroom'.  The most fun part was adding the sprinkles/beads at the top.  I did notice that I sewed on the cake part to look big and fluffy while the pattern shows it tucked within the liner paper.  The Pattern is from Patons and is free from their website.
I do hope that you had a chance to view the three parts of the quilt show that I posted last week.  The quilts are by members of my local guild and by the members of the St. Jacobs Mennonite Church.  Part 1 - Black and White QuiltsPart 2 - Embroidered QuiltsPart 3 - Assorted Styles of Quilts.

Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where I share the progress of my various needlework projects over the past week. I enjoy the encouragement that I receive from my readers and in return visit their blogs and cheer them on with theirs. You are welcome to grab the cute little mouse and create your own Needlework Tuesday post. Leave a comment with a link and I'll be sure to visit with you.

I used really large beads for this project, size 3/0, as I felt that regular seed beads would have been lost in the stitching.  I sewed them on with regular white cotton thread and knotted after every couple of beads.  I don't expect this cosy will get washed often, so they should be quite secure.
After finishing the salmon afghan, I was ready to start a new project.  Daughter has been asking that I knit an eternity scarf for one of her friends. I happened to have a 200 gram ball of Softie by Jessan in Holland.  It's been sitting in my closet for years waiting.  A pure white like this just doesn't look good on me, but her friend really rocks white.  I cast  on 60 stitches on 4.5 mm needles and am k6p6 maintaining the pattern for 6 rows and then reversing.  The resulting checker board pattern is very pretty yet still incredibly soft. I'm not sure how long this needs to be, though when it reaches that magic length, I'll stitch the two ends together and call it finished.

Have you knit/crocheted/sewed an infinity scarf?  I'd love to see what you made.  Add your link to Mister Linky below and I\ll drop by for a visit.  All visitors are invited to add a link to their current needlework project.


Linda said...

Thanks so much for sharing the photos of the quilt show. Some wonderful quilts there. Your tea cozy is just the cutest! I am going to check out that pattern and see how hard it would be to crochet. I'm afraid my skill level in crochet is very minimal. I really like the stitch you used for the infinity scarf. Looks great!

Roslyn said...

Well sure it kind of looks like a cupcake Heather! It is cute & very unique!