Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Needlework Tuesday - Summer Scarves (who am I kidding)

 I really don't know why I am sitting here knitting scarves in the middle of the summer, but I am on scarf number two.  This lovely burgundy colour scarf is for daughter.  I am using CoBaSi, cotton, bamboo & silk sock weight yarn in a reversible rib pattern which if free from Skacel. This is a good project for me as I love to knit cables.

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 I'm at my mom's house helping her out while she heals her broken leg.  I started this scarf last week and it's now finished.  Thanks to my sister for supplying the emergency kit when I forgot my project.  I am sending it back to her to darn in the yarn ends.  It was a very easy to knit pattern that can be used with any weight yarn, just add or subtract stitches in groups of six.  This is explained in the free pattern by Sammie Carraher.
While I have my mom captive recuperating, she has been doing some sewing on her quilt projects.  I have been slipping some of my pieces in front of her.  My friend Kevin from The Papertrail, Canada's foremost paper making supply company, marbled some Kona cotton for me.  On the weekend, I cut out the pieces for a small wallhanging.  It's a little project that he and his wife will be able to take with them when they attend events and show how the marble fabric can be used.   I am using the pattern "Fabric Fusion" by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle  from the February 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.

I'll be cottaging this weekend and will be taking the scarf with me.  Hopefully I'll get a bit more completed, but I'm not counting on it.  Depends on the weather.  Do you cottage in the summer? if so, do you take handwork with you, and do you actually work on it?

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Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love both your scarves, they so soft and warm. The fabric is beautiful! Love the different colors. Have a great day!!

Food for Thought

Tami said...

Love the colors of your scarves, not to mention the beautiful knitting. I haven't figured out cables yet - they look so complicated.

The marbled fabrics are lovely. Fun for you to get to send a display piece along with your friend.

We hit on a "language gap". What do you mean by "cottage"? That's not a term we use here. Whatever it is, hope you have fun. :)

Lin said...

That marbled fabric is gorgeous Heather!Your scarves look cosy too. Wondered what you meant by cottaging but unfortunately it seems to have a different meaning in the UK to the one you are using! Whatever it is hope you have a great time. xx

Joy said...

Pretty projects -- love that marbled fabric!

Joy's Book Blog