Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Needlework Tuesday - All Wrapped Up

 Daughter's scarf is finally finished.  It sure takes a long time to knit a scarf in sock weight yarn, but it was worth it.  The resulting scarf is so soft and cuddly.  By chance we choose the same colour as her university school team. Go Marauders.  To learn about the pattern and yarn, check this earlier post. #TemperatureScarf

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 I'm looking forward to wrapping up my year long temperature scarf project.  The end of September will see me stitching the final rows.  This week I am featuring the rows for July, with my scarf for Waterloo, Ontario on the left.
While my mother was here the past two weeks, I took advantage of idle fingers and had her knitting.  She finished three of these ruffle scarves and then I worked on the mauve and grey one.  Daughter had bought a whole bunch of balls of ruffle yarns, but never seemed to work on them.

I did find myself in the fabric store today and bought a few metres of lovely cottons.  I have a quilt that needs to be in a bit of a rush, so should have some photos for you next week.  Not too sure how the colours are going to work out, but I trust the colour wheel won't steer me wrong.

I have relied on a colour wheel a few times to help in my selection of colours of fabric, and the resulting projects looked wonderful.  Have you ever used a colour wheel in your stitching?  It's a great took, you just have to put your trust in a time honoured method of colour co-ordinating.

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Mary Ann Tate said...

My university football team was the Marauders. I was very happy that the team colour was maroon because my brother bought me this fabulous scarf in maroon for my birthday. That was of course eons ago...lol

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Perfect for the autumn and winter. I have a large collection of scarves for all seasons as I think they brighten the most boring of outfits

Kate said...

I have been tempted to make a colour wheel quilt. However, it is yet another of ideas that will probably never see the light.