Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tangled Thursday - The Letter P

The Letter P.  That was our challenge by Elaine, tangle the letter P in any way you want.  I took it literally and purchased a small wooden letter.  It's just over 6 inches in height and  2 1/2 inches wide.  Tangles used: papyrus, wud, intersection, floating disks, paradox and zedbra.

This was a fun challenge having so few instructions/rules. It gave me the freedom to do a letter shape, something I've been wanting to do for a while.

I'll be giving this letter to my nephew Paul.

Welcome to Tangled Thursday.  A few of my local and online friends have joined me in an occasional Zentangle challenge.  We'll take turns choosing a theme  and them post our drawings in about 2 weeks time.  All are welcome to join in the fun.  If you are new to Zentangles, then visit the website for a complete explanation and all sorts of online resources.  I'm also a big fan of TanglePatterns

Did you play along this week and tangle with 'P'.  Add a link to your 'P' post, or your other current tangle related post to Mister Linky below.   

If you missed my Needlework post on Tuesday, you still have time to enter my "Guess the Scarf Location" contest. Read that post for details on how to enter. 



Roslyn Atwood said...

While I enjoy the detail of the designs, I haven't patience for it myself Heather.
It's really cool!

Marie said...

Love your "P"!! What an AWESOME idea. Next time I see those letters in the craft store/department, I'm going to pick some up. Great job!

dianeclancy said...

Heather - very lovely!! I have had mine done for a couple of days but I am so so tired with some complications with Susan's surgery, that I can't work much. It will be up soonish :) ~ Diane

Tami said...

Very cute! My mind went in a variety of directions - but I didn't think of this. So nice that it's something you can gift when you're finished.

Nice work!

Barb said...

Your "P" looks very Samoan,
love it!