Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Way: Volumes of the Vemreaux by Mary E. Twomey

In a world where blood type determines your lot in life, A means a life of labour, B leads to a life of privilege and O to isolation on a distant island where the residents blood is harvested.  As an A, Blue Anders has known no  other life, than hard work and continual physical training by her brother.  Her unbeatable strength has led her and her brother  Baird to believe that she is the Light, the one that will fulfil the prophecy to free the Vemreaux from that which threatens them.

This is quite the world that author Mary Twomey has created.  It appears to be a possible future of our own world.  I love the careful attention to detail, such as all girls born in the same year, have the same middle name.  To add a twist to the population, she has given the Bs the opportunity to undergo the Change to extend their life span by many decades. 

There are strict class rules which seem quite daunting, though they do thin within the work place.  The lowest of Bs always outrank As, yet Baird still manages to keep control of the activities within the business he manages.  Makes this a very real society in my view.

The role of family is explored in this novel.  Elle and Grettel are not related to Blue and Baird, yet they live together and care for each other as family.  These bonds are further tested when several Vemreaux become involved with the siblings.

The further I got into this story, the more I liked Blue and even Baird. I did not want to book to end, but I wanted to find out what happens, did she fulfil the prophecy.

The last part is not answered yet, as the story continues in the next book The Truth, which I am looking forward to,

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