Friday, 24 October 2014

Treat with Caution by Serenity Woods

Tasha and Cole have been friends for years, but have never strayed across that friendship line.  Now they both want to rent the same sea front shop in Mangonui, in the Northland of New Zealand,  and neither will back down.  A rash statement has led to a challenge, date for the next week and a half.  The one who falls most for the other loses the rental.  Both of them figure they'll easily win.

I love the mud caked rubber boots outside this office
 The waterfront in  Mangonui is beautiful and I can understand why both Tasha and Cole want to situate their businesses there.  (photos I took there in 2012 during a family vacation)

Both are scared of losing  a dear friend should the romance fail, but the stakes appear too high not to try.

I enjoyed following their romance.  Both of them trying to seduce the other without falling head over heals in love.  It had me cheering for both of them at different times.  Yes, I am a romantic at heart and not ashamed to admit it.

The romances continue with Tasha's friends in:

Treat her Right
A Rare Treat
Trick or Treat
A Festive Treat

Author Serenity Woods also writes epic fantasy under the pen name Freya Robertson.

Thanks to author Serenity Woods for my free review copy.  

This  ebook is currently free from several online retailers.


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