Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Needlework Tuesday - Quick projects

This past week brought my area lots of clouds and rain.  Not something I want to be outside in, so I elected to stay indoors and work on my needlework.

First up were a hot matt and a scrubbie made with Scrub It yarn from Mary Maxim.  I used the free patterns from their site.  They were both fairly straight forward crochet, though I did have to redo a few bits on the the Floral Scrubber.  It measures about 5 inches across and I think it is too pretty to be used to scrubbing anything in the kitchen, off to the bathtub it goes.

Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where I share the progress of my various needlework projects over the past week. I enjoy the encouragement that I receive from my readers and in return visit their blogs and cheer them on with theirs. You are welcome to grab the cute little mouse and create your own Needlework Tuesday post. Leave a comment with a link and I'll be sure to visit with you
This next series of photos shows step by step stitching the Floral Hot Pad, also a free pattern from Mary Maxim.

Make two of these base pieces using worsted weight cotton.

 Use Scrub It in a co-ordinating colour for the next round of the flower.

 I pulled all the ends to the back and tied them off securely.  Layer the other base piece behind to hide all those ends.  Single crochet to attach the layers together.

I have lots more Scrub It to use.  Daughter likes these little scrubbies for cleaning her face.  This pattern is quick and easy.  It is designed by Melinda Miller at MoCrochet.com.  Pattern is found on Ravelry
While I was wandering around at Ravelry, I found reference to this fun scrubbie and searched it out.  There is a video showing the step by step which made it extremely easy to make.  The pattern and link to the video can be found free on Ravelry

It was last year when I first saw information about knitting tea towels.  The cost of the kits was too much at the time, but the idea stuck with me.  Recently I came across a pattern for dish clothes with a hanging loop.  It occurred to me that if I added more stitches I'd have a tea towel.  The pattern is from from Yarnspiration and uses worsted weight cotton.  Pattern is called Red White and Blue Dishcloth  (to knit). 

The small size was knit according to the pattern and the larger was made starting with 86 stitches.  The left hand one is a bit small for drying hands, but the one on the right looks just about perfect.

Now I am thinking about the further changes in weather that are on their way and am knitting a cabled cowl for daughter.  I'll have photos next week.

Have you started your seasonal projects?  I'd enjoying hearing about them.  Leave a comment as well as add a link to Mister Linky and I'll be sure to visit with you.


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love your dishcloth and scrbbie. So cute. Have a great day!


Marie said...

Great work, Heather. Your scubbie *is* too pretty to use in the kitchen. That yarn looks great. Is it similar to the handicrafter's cotton, but with extra bits?

Love the hot pad, too! Thanks for the photos of the steps.

I had trouble adding my link and tried several times. Something to do with my gravatar or image I wanted to use??? Not sure. Anyway, I can see it's there now. Hopefully, it won't show up more than once. Sorry about that.

Lin said...

They look too pretty to use! Love the twisted one too. xx

Tami said...

I've never heard of special yarn for knitting scrubbies. I bet they work great on dishes, but I agree that it's too pretty for that awful job. I love your ingenuity in adapting the potholder to a tea towel. Very pretty.