Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Great Advent Calendar Hunt

When I was growing up, it was so exciting in December when one of us kids got to open one of the doors on the Advent Calendar.  Hiding behind those doors was a tiny piece of chocolate.  Since there were four kids in my family, I didn't get to open very many doors.

I decided that when I had kids, they would each get their own calendar.  Well, it didn't quite happen that way, instead, I bought a calendar with pockets that I could fill myself.  We have used it for the past twenty years and my kids still look forward to seeing what I have hidden for each morning.  I'll give you a hint, it's always chocolate and more chocolate.

I bought this from Avon about twenty years ago. The little Santa, currently in #9 moves from day to day.  The pockets are large enough to hold about 6 Hershey Kisses.  The first year I used it, I got the great idea of filling all the pockets ahead of time and then hanging it on the wall.  I had no sooner left the room and there was quite the crash.  The calendar was so heavy that it pulled the picture hanger out of the wall.  From that day forward, I just fill one day at a time.  The tree is about 25 inches tall and 23 inches wide.
This year, my sister sent me a surprise in the mail, a new style calendar.  This one is a magnetic black board with twenty five little tins, each of which contain a chocolate coated cookie and one contains a gift certificate.  Hmm, wonder which that might be.  Measures 12 inches on a side and is from Starbucks.  Thanks sister, you are terrific.

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This post and the earlier ones all have open Linky. you are invited to add a link to your post that features Advent Calenders, Christmas Tree Skirts or Home made ornaments.  It can be a new or previous post.  Advent calendars and tree skirts can be either bought or home crafted.  Thanks for joining in the fun.


dianeclancy said...

Fun calendar from your sister!! I have my post done - I think it is today :)

Hope all is well!! ~ Diane Clancy

Unknown said...

I have this same advent calendar! We've had it for as long as I can possibly remember! I am *almost* 24. It was my mom's, and I never had any idea where she got it from. She's unfortunately passed away, 6 years ago, so she never had the chance to share all her stories with me as adults (when I would have purposefully remembered!).
I was actually looking up an Avon Santa I have of hers when I noticed your picture. I knew my mother's love of Avon before this purchase, but it succeeded the advent calendar by almost 10 years!! It is nice to know where it initially came from. I still don't know if she bought it herself of if it was given to her as a gift. But it definitely makes me remember her fondly.
I tell people that she was the "bringer of Christmas" for our family, and I try very hard to fill those massive shoes.