Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Needlework Tuesday - Sewing a one block Wonder

 It was a joy to spend time stitching on my One Block Wonder this past week.  I wrote about it in last week's post, and one reader asked how the block was pieced.  The first set of photos shows how the block is put together.  Using the process described in the pattern book, I cut eight identical triangles. 
 Sew them together in pairs and press the seam allowances open.
 Sew those pairs together.  Now I checked to ensure that the edges are straight, and trim if needed.  Many of the triangles didn't end up being cut perfectly, so the sub unit at this step ended up being a bit more than 180 degrees.  If I didn't trim off the extra, then I wouldn't end up with a flat block.
Voila, one finished block.  The missing corners will be dealt with later in the process.
 So far I have completed twenty of the ninety blocks.

 Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where I share the progress of my various needlework projects over the past week. I enjoy the encouragement that I receive from my readers and in return visit their blogs and cheer them on with theirs. You are welcome to grab the cute little mouse and create your own Needlework Tuesday post. Leave a comment with a link and I'll be sure to visit with you.
 I am also stitching along on a project using the Bernat Baby Blanket.  No, it's not a project for a baby, but when I bought the wonderful chenille like yarn, it was only available in pale baby colours. Now it is made in all sorts of fun designer shades.  Visit the Yarnspiration site to view the Bernat Blanket colours.  I am knitting using 8 mm needles, though I do wish I were using larger 9 mm ones.  I did do a tension square and it was accurate.  Since this is a gift, I can't show it to you, yet.
The infinity scarf I am making for daughter is moving along nicely.  I am into the second ball but still have a fair way to go.
I have started a class with StitchMAP. The aim of this group is to teach needle art skills in an online series of classes/workshops.  Details can be found on their blog, K.N.A.S.S. (Keep Needlearts Alive by Sharing Stitches).  It's a colour class.  One assignment is to stitch something using cool colours.  I also have stitched one using warm colours, but forgot it at my sister's house. oops.  I really do need to get myself a small embroidery hoop. I did manage to keep this one kind of flat, but it did gather up somewhat.

Do you take needlework classes?  What are your favourites?

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Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love the quilt blocks! Beautiful colors. Also like the pretty pink yarn. I'll have to check this place out. Have a great day!!

Food for Thought

Lin said...

Your blocks are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love those quilt blocks!

And I likely have some embroidery hoops around somewhere. I'll did them out and bring them with me when I see you next.

Kate said...

Boy you have been busy with those blocks. They look lovely.
I am not taking anymore classes until I finish some of my ufo's that came from past classes.

Tami said...

LOVE the One Block Wonder. It's amazing how many different looks can come from one piece of fabric. I tried one and loved making the blocks, but putting them all together was a huge challenge for me. Can't wait to see if you have any tips after you have yours assembled.

Cheryl Coville said...

I am intrigued and completely in love with your quilt blocks!! I'll be really interested in seeing how you join them together.