Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Natural Causes by James Oswald

I was captivated by this story from the opening pages and read it through in two days amid other obligations. 

Detective Inspector Anthony McLean is out walking and happens upon a police call.  He enters the premise and finds himself at the gruesome murder scene of a prominent citizen.  The next morning he is called to the site of a very different murder, one that occurred over fifty years ago, and this one clearly appears to have been the result of a perverse ritual.  True evil is afoot.

Aided in the pursuit of the murderers are a stellar set of character whom I hope to encounter in future books in this series.  Angus Cadwallader the pathologist, Grumpy Bob and DC Stuart McBride round out Tony's co-workers.

While reading this mystery within a mystery, I quickly figured out the basics of what happened and kept calling aloud, "I knew it" though I had to keep reading to find out the details.  I like the character of Tony and I felt bad for the sorrows of his life.  I found myself rooting for him in solving these cases.

Inspector McLean Series:

1 Natural Causes
2 The Book of Souls
3 The Hangman's Song
4 Dead Men's Bones
5 Prayer for the Dead
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