Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Needlework Tuesday - How to repair a mis-placed front post triple crochet stitch

I made a very obvious mistake in my Sophie's Universe afghan and I couldn't leave it.  It had to be fixed.  I was too far past it to rip back, but it had to be fixed.  This week I have a photo tutorial on how to fix such a mistake.  The left leg of the stitch is correct and the right leg is attached to the light blue instead of the purple.

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 The wrong stitch needs to be cut, unravelled, pulled to the back of the work and securely fastened. Study this stitch carefully before doing anything.  Note where the yarns come through from the back of the project.  I am working on the right leg of the light teal stitch.  There are two loops of the yarn that go under and previous light blue triple crochet.  Only cut one of these threads.  You want as much yarn as possible left for working in on the back.
 After unravelling, I have a couple of inches to work with. Thread a large blunt needle with one end and work it to the back, going into the fabric exactly where it comes out to the front.  Then do the same for the other end.  If the ends are long enough to work in securely, then do so, if they aren't , then tie them off with same coloured sewing thread, then work the ends in. There is nothing wrong with using sewing thread to secure your project.  If you match the colours, no one will ever notice unless you point it out.
I need to make a front post standing triple crochet.  wrap the yarn around the hook 4 times.  Only three show in the photo as the other is hiding under the purple stitch.  One wrap is a yarn holder, the next is for the loop that would normally already be existing on the hook and the next two are the start of the triple stitch.  Insert the hook under the previous stitch.  Wrap the yarn on the hook and pull through.
 There are now 5 wraps on the hook. Proceed as for a normal triple crochet.
 Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through the first two loops. Repeat twice.
 The triple crochet is now finished.  The working loop is right next to the hook, the loop further back is just there to hold the yarn in place at the start of the stitch.
The working end of the yarn can now but cut, but leave a couple of inches for working with.  Use a blunt needle to pull the ends to the back.  Work each end separately as they go through at different points.  Fasten off securely at the back of the work.
My correction is now complete, and no one will ever know except for those who read it here.

I'll admit that I was feeling a bit anxious before I snipped the yarn, but I had thought through the process and knew that it would work.  No worries right.   Once I had the errant stitch unravelled, there really was no threat of any other stitches coming loose.   I did nudge and push at the nearby stitches and they were quite secure.  Made me feel much better about the whole process.  In the future, I'll try and be more observant as I'm stitching, but since I mostly knit and crochet while watching tv, more mistakes are bound to happen.  Oh well, not the worst things in life.  I do these for my own enjoyment, not to be hung in an art gallery nor do I sell them.  They are good enough for me and my family.

I hope that you have found this mini tutorial helpful.

I won't ask you to post photos of your needlework mistakes, we all need some privacy.  Mister Linky is waiting below for a link to your current needlework post.


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Argh better you than me Heather I don't have that much skill in crochet.

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Cheryl Coville said...

A certain amount of bravery is required. Glad to see you've got what it takes. :)