Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Shopping for the Billionaire by Julia Kent

This is a delightful, romantic story collection.  From the minute mystery shopper Shannon Jacoby meets billionaire Declan McCormick while her hand is in the toilet in a men's room, I was drawn into their lives.  As soon as I finished the free version of part I, I promptly purchased the five part collection.  I needed to read more of their story right away.

Shannon works for a company that provides mystery shopper services to a wide variety of companies.  Much of her work is managing shoppers from her office, though she does 'shop' for a number of their top clients.  She is a unique character and sees the world from a different perspective than most leading women.  She experiences the best and worst of a wide cross section of the population yet still maintains her cheerful outlook.  This had me liking her right from the beginning.

I was a bit slower for me to adore Declan, but as he shed his professional persona, I could see the trustworthy and loving man hiding beneath.  Finally, there is Shannon's mother.  She is a firecracker.  Each time she entered a scene, I had no idea what to expect from her other than it might blow up the situation.  She is energetic and funny as can be.  A great addition to the story line.

I could have rushed through this story, but I decided to take my time and let it develop over the course of a week or so.  I wanted to savour their building relationship.  There is a sixth book in the Shopper series by Julia Kent, Shopping for a Billionaire's Fiance,  that I'll be ordering soon.

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Mystica said...

The series and author new to me. Appreciated the post.