Monday, 21 September 2015

Forgotten Time: Ravenhurst Series #1 - Lorraine Beaumont

It would be a blast to be invited to attend a work event at a Victorian era mansion and be required to dress in period clothing.  Katherine received such an invitation late one Friday evening as her shift at Biddle and Bailey auction house was coming to an end.  Attending the ball was magical, and wearing the gorgeous dress borrowed from the textiles department and the red pendant from the distinguished gentleman made it even better. 

Some one hundred years earlier, Sebastian de Winter, the Earl of Ravenhurst, the very estate where the ball was being held,  was still struggling with the disappearance of his betrothed on the day they were to wed.

 Katherine and Sebastian are intriguing characters. Neither are who and what they seem on the surface.  Katherine is a knowledgeable but naive young lady while Sebastian has much responsibility and a wide variety of experiences.  They are complement by his aunt Isabelle and her young husband Devlin, both of which are playing fast and loose with the other person's affections. 

I love time travel romances.  It is always a feat for the author to introduce the travelling character to the new time stream in a believable manner.   Author Lorraine Beaumont did a good job of transporting Katherine. Just the right amount of confusion and indignation rolled up together. I do think she went a bit far in being cryptic about why Katherine is really there and she lost me for several pages.  Once I got past that part, the plot was really moving along and I was settling in for a late night read and then it ended abruptly.  What, if I had been reading a paper copy I would have been looking for missing pages or perhaps a mis-print that skipped some chapters.  Alas, a most serious cliff hanger.  Nothing to do but move on to the next book, Shadows of Yesterday.

Thanks to author Lorraine Beaumont for use of the cover image.

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