Saturday, 24 October 2015

1/2986: Mickaela Capra Series Book 1 by A. Wendeberg

Micka doesn't fit into her community. She asks questions that her teachers rarely answer.  Her family is cold and indifferent to her yet are dis-appointed in her lack of achievement.  When the opportunity arise to leave town, she practically jumps at it. 

This is a post-apocalyptic novel that is set in the lowlands of the Alpine region of Europe.  Micka's teachers have taught her that the majority of the earth's population have died from rampant cholera and tuberculosis. Turns out that there is much more that they didn't teach.  What has she and the others in her community been sheltered from and why.

While most people are determined to re-populate the planet, the BSA, Brothers and Sisters of the Apocalypse who Micka hasn't even heard of, appear to have very different objectives.  Most young women readily get pregnant, but Micka has other plans.

In 1/2986 we are introduced to two interesting and different characters.  Micka is a step away from ending her life, and now she is faced with monumental changes and opportunities.  Can it possibly get worse than the end that she was already planning.  Her teacher/mentor Runner is full of suprises and a seemingly vast knowledge of what her teachers never voiced.

Author Annelie Wendeberg is slowly revealing this post-apocalyptic world.  It is not totally un-expected that some regions would have access to technology and knowledge that other more isolated communities don't.  I am undecided whether the highest tech would still be operational ofter all these decades since the fall.

The abrupt end of the story leaves me wanting to learn more about Micka's apprenticeship and the fate of the world.

1/2986 is currently available free from some online retailers.

Thanks to author A. Wendeberg for use of the cover image.


Roslyn said...

You are reading some very different books these days Heather, a far cry from my preferred genre of historical novels. I think I would definitely pass on the creepy one though perhaps it is appropriate for the season with Halloween approaching !

Heather said...

That is one of the great things about reading, you can skip around and sample all sorts of genres, locations and authors. You never have to read the same story twice.