Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Needlework Tuesday - When you walk into a quilt shop with a folded quilt...

Did you realise, that when you walk into a quilt shop with a folded quilt or quilt top in your arm, you have to show it to anyone in the shop who asks to see it.  This also applies to knitting and other needlework shops.

This happened to me on the weekend when I was selecting fabric for a border in my scrappy quilt.  I had a drab green in hand when another browser said "oh, is that a quilt? If you bring a quilt into a shop you have to show it."

Needless to say, a quilty conversation ensued.  Instead of buying the green, I selected an awesome deep red and orange for a narrow border, and a cheddar for a wider border.  Thank-you to that unknown quilter who has an excellent eye for colour and the imagination to go with it.  One border added, cheddar up next.

It is still surprising to me how we can bond over our needlework.  Each working our own projects, but still there is a common goal that reaches across our differences.  This is what has happened with my blogging, repeated comments from a stranger  and over time I begin to refer to that person as my online friend, and then friend.  I would never have imagined the power that the wired world would play in my life.  Next time you are in the shop and another person has a project over their arm or in a bag, politely ask to see it, you never know, you might be striking up a conversation with your next new friend.

Mister Linky is waiting below for my friends (new and existing alike) to add links to their current needlework post.


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love border on your quilt. It makes the quilt show off.
Have a great day!

Threeundertwo said...

That is a GREAT border! I want to see the next one too. I sort of love that show-an-tell aspect of quilt shops. I have no problem asking total strangers if I can admire their work.

Thanks for hosting!