Sunday, 25 October 2015

Shadows of Yesterday: Ravenhurst #2 by Lorraine Beaumont

Katherine is no closer to understanding the mysteries of Ravenhurst nor in resolving her feelings for it's owner, the enigmatic Sebastian de Winter.  This story picks up where book 1, Forgotten Time, leaves off.

The butler, Milford, remained close lipped about the events that brought Katherine to this house and time period, but he is buried in it over his head.  Seems there are far more secrets than even those he is privy to. 

It was a bit frustrating watching Katherine and Sebastian skirt around their feelings for each other instead of opening up to the truth.  Yes, it does make for good suspense writing, but the reader knows where their romance has to go, but are forced to wait for them to catch up.

I like the setting for this book.  A fairly isolated Gothic mansion during a raging winter storm.  The staff have all be sent home to care for their families leaving only the immediate family in residence.  The perfect location for creepy things to start happening. 

This was a suspenseful and entertaining read.

Do not read this as a stand alone, you need to read Forgotten Time first or you'll be totally lost.

Thanks to author Lorraine Beaumont for use of the cover image.

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