Monday, 21 December 2015

Blood Work: An Original Hollows Graphic Novel by Kim Harrison

This was a fun way to get up to speed on a series that I have been wanting to read.  Years ago I read Black Magic Sanction, the eighth book in series and loved the characters.  Later I read a short story in the anthology Unbound which contained a story The Hollows 7.5.  Since then, I have collected a few of the books, but not found the time to start reading.

Ivy Tamwood is a vampire who works for the IS, Inderland Security which police the non-humans of Cincinnati.  She has been demoted to street crimes and assigned a new partner.  Rachel Morgan is a witch and is still in her probationary period.  Some how these two have to overcome their differences and find a way to work together; their very lives may depend on it.

It's been so long since I have read a book in this series, that I had no pre-conception of how Ivy and Rachel would look.  They are both rather well endowed, but that does seem to be a feature of graphic novels. Other than that, I like what I saw both in characters and setting.  There was enough details to flesh out the story without so many that I was distracted from the plot.  This is a short tale and is well suited to a graphic presentation.

For a list of Hollows novel and their suggested reading order, visit author Kim Harrison's website

Art work by Pedro Maia and Gemma Magno

Cover image courtesy Penguin Random House.

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