Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Needlework Tuesday - Quilting Fail

Thank-you to all the attendees at my online Christmas party last week. It was fun catching up with so many friends and meeting some new ones.  It also gave me a chance to be social.  I find that I tend to be quite focused when writing my blog posts and I have to remind myself of the social nicities.   The Christmas party was all about being social.  We each were telling the same stories we would have shared had we been gathered in person in my living room.  I need to remember that feeling when I am writing my posts.

One of the fun things I have been doing during my holidays, is the machine quilting of my most recent project.  I am working at it round by round, taking my time and enjoying the whole process.  Until that moment when I realized an ``oops``.  I was so excited about finally being at the quilting stage, that I didn`t clear off my table before I began stitching.  I was working on a narrow border, and something sounded odd. I then realized that I was stitching through paper.  A page of a pattern had gotten underneath the quilt and was being stitched in place.  Oops.  Since I hadn`t sewn that page of the pattern yet, I couldn`t just rip it away.  I had to save it.

I you look carefully in the first picture, you can see the row of spirals running parallel to the left of the photo.

I very carefully tore the paper off, and taped it back together. Thankfully the instructions are illustrated and I`ll be able to follow both sides of the page. Lesson learned: clean your work space before starting the next stage of a project. 
Of course my daughter witnessed this and she says my wording was somewhat more expressive.  I related this story to my mother on Christmas day and she said that I shouldn`t feel too bad as that week she turned over a quilt she was machine quilting to find that she had stitched a piece of batting to the back side. Oops.  These things do happen and have to be taken in stride.  No sense in getting all worked up over them, as that doesn`t resolve anything.   

Here`s a sneak peak of the front side of that quilt.  I still have a few more rounds to quilt, and then it`s time to bind.  I`ll share the design details when completed.

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Marie said...

I really enjoyed your Christmas party, Heather. You make some valid points about being social.

Your quilting is really beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished project.

I've had some crafting "oops" moments too. I think we all have. My crafting area is usually messy because I don't take the time to clean up the previous project or unneeded items from the current one. I try of course, but there's always something I miss or don't move far enough away. You are lucky you didn't have a complete disaster on your hands.

Have a great week.

Cheryl Coville said...

Hope it's not too late for this week's Needlework Tuesday. After hurting myself by knitting with extra chunky wool on a sweater for my step-granddaughter, I finally feel able to get back to it. Slowly and carefully. And not too many rows at a time.

I can't tell you how many times I've been kept from working in my workroom, because it seems like such a monumental task to clean it up, and get 'work ready'. I'm glad your 'oops' wasn't too hard to overcome.

Unknown said...

My first thought was to stick the quilt with sheet of paper into a photocopier, then rip the paper off the quilt! Barring that, you could have hand copied the affected bits before ripping. But since the illustrations were clear, neither of these solutions was necessary.

That looks like a beautiful quilt, BTW. You are so talented.

Kate said...

At least paper is easier to remove then a scrap of fabric. I have quilted a scrap to the back side. Then you need to do some ripping.