Sunday, 13 December 2015

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

Rachel Blum has a broken heart causing her to spend much time in hospitals.  During a stay when she is eight, she meets Andy Landis who has broken his arm.  They form a bond in that hospital waiting room.  Over the years, their lives continue to intersect and this bond deepens.

Who Do You Love is a charming love story between two people who were fated to meet.  Normally, their paths would never have crossed.  Rachel is from a well to do Jewish family in Florida and Andy is a Catholic from a single parent family in Philadelphia.

Their lives are nothing alike, yet they have love between them.  I enjoyed reading how each of them had to grow as a person to learn who they really were.  Love isn't necessarily easy.

This is a well written story that almost had me forgetting it was fiction.  I developed an emotional attachment with a few of the characters and found myself cheering for them at times and shedding tears for them at others.

It was time well spent with Rachel and Andy and I want that warm feeling generated by their story of love to last long after I put this book back on the shelf.

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Mystica said...

I know when you get so involved with a story, that you are rooting for them from page one. Sounds good.