Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Needlework Tuesday - A Star is Born

 The weather here has turned cold and snowy, which is good when I want to stay inside and stitch. That's exactly how I spent my weekend.  I really wanted to finish this afghan as son will be visiting tomorrow and I want to give this to him.  A friend of his had a baby a little while ago and this is a gift for him.  This is such and easy pattern, I don't mind making it again and again. This is the third that I've done in the past year.   It is a free pattern available from Bernat.

Earlier I wrote a post on why a star shaped blanket is perfect for wrapping a baby.

 Too bad that this variegated yarn colour, Ginseng, is dis-continued, it is so pretty.
Rather than stash away the left over yarn, I decided to knit some slippers.  Daughter calls these fittens, as in feet mittens. They are small and meant to fit in your pocket so that you have slippers when you are out visiting.   The Seamless Salomas Slippers pattern is by Susan Busbee and Megan Williams is free and quick to knit.  I have cast on another pair since I am on a roll.

I had wanted to make several pairs of these last year as gifts,but didn't get a single pair made.  I didn't want December to roll around again and not have any made, so I am staring early this year.

After I get the next pair of slippers completed, I'll add the left over yarn to the granny square afghan that I am stitching.  A great use for leftovers instead of putting those bits away to get left in storage for years on end.

I have enough bits and pieces and unfinished projects sitting around, I most certainly don't need any more.  I'm not going to say i made a New Years resolution to finish my UFOs.  That too broad of a statement, rather, I said that I am going to work on my machine quilting.  I look in quilting magazine and see such beautiful work. I want to do that.  I  realize that I won't be able to do that on the  first quilt, but if I work on at least one quilt each month, by the end of the year I should see some serious improvement. I have lots of quilt tops finished, so I have no shortage of pieces to practise on.

Do you have a skill that you are working on this year. It doesn't have to be needlework, I'd like to hear about it in the comments.

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Thanks for all your book recommendations last week.  I'll keep them in mind when I'm looking for future reads.

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Lin said...

Your afghan is gorgeous Heather. Linking up for the first time - hope I have done everything right! Thanks. xx

Roslyn said...

How I wish it was so easy to dispose of left over quilt scraps as it is with yarn, love your slippers, I might have to try them.
I am always working on my machine quilting skills, constantly trying out new designs. There is always more………..

Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love that star afghan. The slippers looks
really comfy. My thing to do this year is
learn 10 new embroidery stitches. And work
on my quilt tops, finishing them up. Have
a great day!

Bev C said...

Hello Heather,

Love the colours in your afghan, how clever to make up the slippers or should I say Fittens, such a cute name.

Happy days.