Friday, 29 January 2016

The Program by Suzanne Young

The world of The Program is a scary one to imagine.  Teen suicide is rampant and parents are willing to go to extremes to protect their children.  The government has established The Program to save their children, but it exacts a steep price, their memories. 

Sloane lost her older brother two years ago, and the only thing that has kept her going is her boyfriend James.  Now he is at risk.

Author Suzanne Young depicts a desperate world where the teen suicide rate is extremely high.  The anxiety that the characters are feeling comes across clear and strong.  If they aren't depressed already, then the fear they feel about being taken into The Program could edge them into a downward spiral.

It was fairly easy to feel the surreal life that Sloan and her friends were living in.  Their every move and word was being watched.  Teens don't function well under that type of scrutiny even when things are going well.

I enjoyed all the twists and turns of this story.  Part One was quite bleak with despair.  From Pat Two onward, it was a different feeling, easier to read and even enjoy.

Sloane and James seemed like real people to me.  Their joys and sorrows were totally in keeping with the responses of seventeen year olds.  I was cheering them on the entire book.

While not a cheerful read, I could hardly put it down.

The story continues:
0.5 The Remedy
0.6 The Epidemic
  1  The Program
  2  The Treatment
  3  The Recovery

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