Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Who Lives in a pineapple under the sea - or on my teapot

 I've started my mission of tidying my sewing area.  I took over the dining room years ago, but projects and supplies have been oozing out of that room into the rest of the house.  While there are many quilts in progress, there are also bags of supplies for yet to be started projects.

Why should I be purchasing new supplies, when I have so many sitting and waiting.  Probably because I have forgotten about them.  While I was tidying, I found a bag with two skein a a gold/orange worsted weight yarn from my sister.  I recalled that I wanted it for a pineapple tea cosy.

Since there is no better time than the present, I grabbed some needles and started in.
 The pattern is from the book Tea Cozies 3 by Sian Brown.   I did make a few changes.  The pattern calls for using DK weight yarn, using two strands for the body.  I used one strand of a worsted weight yarn.  I used one strand of Astra for the leaves. I worked the body on 5.5 mm needles.  Since the stitch is loose and somewhat airy, I added a stocking knit stitch liner, which I tacked to the outed along the openings..

It was fun to make, specially the leaves.  They really do add a funky touch.  It is a small cosy and fits a 2 cup pot.

 I finished all the toiletry bags I was telling you about a few weeks back.  I did them assembly line fashion and they were complete in three days.   There are all sorts of free patterns on line, though I found a video at Ludlow Quilt and Sew that shows inserting the metal measuring tape.  At my guild they wanted us to put in the tapes so that they curved inward and didn't make the snapping sound. 
 This gave me a great opportunity to practise machine quilting.  Simple follow the printed stripes.
 I tried some wandering wavy lines that I have been wanting to use on a large quilt.
 More of the swirls I used on my last quilt.
And again, the wavy lines, though side to side this time.  I did this one the most and varied the distance between the lines.  For a large quilt, I'll be putting them a bit further apart.

These bags will have some toiletry articles added and then they will be delivered to Mary's Place  at the YMCA in Kitchener, Ontario.  They operate an emergency shelter for those in need of temporary housing.

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i mess up last week and forgot to put up Mister linky.  Feel free to add a linky for this week and one for last week.  I don't want to miss any of your projects.  Have a great week and if the weather co-operates, I hope you spend some time in the fresh air like I've been doing. 



Roslyn said...

I adore this teapot design I WANT ONE!! It would also be great for my French Press pot to keep that second cup warm while I drink the first! Not sure if my knitting skills are up to it though.
Nice work on the quilted bags great way to practice.

Lin said...

Your tea cosy is brilliant - I love it! Great work with the toiletry bags too. xx

Marie said...

Awesome tea cozy!!!! Those bags turned out quite nice, too, especially with your machine quilting. Good job.

Kate said...

You must have a Sponge Bob fan in your world! I love that tea cozy. You did a nice job.
I have been trying to shop my stash, lately. I have managed to only buy 3 yards of fabric, and no yarn, so far this year. I am enjoying using some of the lovely things I have been hoarding.