Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Check your skills

Recently, daughter needed and interview outfit. ( oh joy, the kids are growing up)  We found a lovely jacket, blouse and skirt that really reflected her.  One slight problem, the waist of the skirt was way too big.  She has an hour glass figure with a tiny waist.

Before purchasing the skirt, I checked it over carefully and determined that I could take it in.  It's a good thing I had paid attention in home economics and in the various sewing classes I had taken.  Even with my extensive sewing background, I did have a moments hesitation when I had to cut the fabric to enable pressing open a new seam.  we bought the clothing at H&M and I was impressed with the quality of the manufacturing.  The techniques used were superb.

It took me just over an hour to take in the waist a full two inches and no one can tell that I practically took the entire waist band off. She confidently wore her outfit to the interview, though we are still waiting to hear whether she is hired. (the skirt if actually more of a mustard colour)

You might be wondering why I am sharing this on my blog.  I've talked before about playing and practicing your craft, well now I am telling you to learn the skills.  I have often seen and helped people who are making an item and the instant they run into a challenge, they cry out for help.  They would hand me the troublesome item and ask me to fix it.  Instead of watching over my shoulder and learning how to correct what went wrong, they would  walk away and do something else.  Some fixes are easy, such as a twisted stitch in knitting, and others are complex, but they are all fixable if you have the skills.

Back to daughter.  She wants more skirts.  She attended sewing summer camp years ago and knows how to sew, but she needs to build her confidence.  This week I made her another skirt.  It was overwhelming to her to think about  making the entire garment.  Instead, I did the sewing and showed her the various steps.  All that's left to do is for her to do some hand stitching.  Next skirt, she'll do most of the sewing and I'll be watching over her shoulder and giving hints as required.

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Marie said...

Nice post, Heather. Love the message of practicing your craft and learning the necessary skills. Building confidence is key! She'll get there with your encouragement. ;)

As I was growing up, my parents would "take over" when I asked for help with something and I'd let them. Sometimes they'd send me away so they could work without all of my questions. I thought that's how it was supposed to work. Now, when I ask for help and someone tries to take over, I ask for supervision or verbal help instead. If that doesn't convince them, then I at least stick around to see how it's done. I guess I'm not a kid anymore. ;)

Roslyn said...

I confess to having sewn everything under the sun beginning with doll clothes on my Mum's old Singer Treadle, through everything I wore for decades, and my son's clothes up to their teens and even a sport coat for DH once! Add to that drapes and bedspreads and Roman shades, but now I only make quilts!
I find I buy my clothing o sale for less than the cost of the fabric let alone patterns and my precious time!
Do you find it cost effective to sew clothing?