Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Needlework Tuesday - LoneStar Quilt Top

 I had such grand plans for sewing this past week, and I got next to nothing accomplished.  Instead, I spent days laying on my sofa due to a miserable cold.  Not fun. Day 6 and I'm finally starting to feel like myself.

I finally managed to finish trimming all my Lone Star blocks. I used some colourful tape to mark the block size.
 The quarter inch tape helped me ensure that I have sufficient seam allowance to keep the points of the stars.
After trimming two sides, I flipped the ruler and trimmed the other two . I took my time and worked on each set of four, taking a break before moving on to the next.  i didn't want to make a mistake. 
 I chose one of the layouts from the pattern.  At this point it is sewn into six rows at are just under 60 inches long.  it still needs one border of the background fabric, and then I'll be ready to quilt it.
Now for something totally different.  Daughter and I have cut up this super cool sea lion fabric for a project for her.  Hope to have some photos for you soon.  This time, she is going to do more of the sewing (my fingers are crossed).

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Lin said...

So glad that you are starting to feel better. Your Lone Stars look fabulous! xx

Kate said...

The sea lion fabric is really cute. Have fun with your project.

Marie said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better soon! One of the things I love about quilt blocks is that if you turn one (or a number) of them around, you get a different pattern. I love the arrangement you're chosen here. Lovely colours, too.

Great work.

I've been working on a shawl and have made great progress. I should be finished in time for a post next week.

Take care of yourself.