Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Needlework Tuesday - A looped up Tea Cosy

 It's rarely easy for me to stick with a plan, specially when there are new and interesting things being brought to my attention.  I did resist this past week and start on a project that I had been meaning to get to for over a year.  The balls of cotton kept getting moved around as I searched for other supplies.  Why didn't I just make the project and be done with all that moving.  I sat down one evening and started this tea cosy.  It has a unique stitch and chain pattern, leaving these stringy areas.
 Once the body is all stitched, then you loop the stringy parts through the previous colour and it makes a pretty design.  I followed the instructions and it left and open gap, shown to the left.  Hubby suggested that I twist the first set of stringys and then loop, shown on right. That fixed the gap.
 All of it looped up and waiting for a finishing row at the top to secure the loops.
The cosy was completed with a stylised flower on the top.  I had to add two rows of stitching around the bottom as my tea pot has a tall domed lid.  A few picots on the bottom edge fancy it up a week bit, and I do so like the bright pink.

The pattern is free from Yarnspirations and uses cotton yarn,

I couldn't stop when I was on a roll.  Over the winter I hosted a jelly roll swap with my local guild.  We traded pink, purple and grey strips 2 1/2 inches wide the width of the fabric.   I am using the Lonestar pattern from the book Jelly Roll Quilt Magic by Kimberly Enmo.   The first block went together nicely, though it's a wee bit small.  I haven't trimmed yet and will wait till I piece the other blocks.  Kimberly shows several settings, so no need to put the quarters together at this point.

I'd like to have this one all pieced and possibly quilted in time for my guild's final meeting of the season in early June.  I want to encourage the members to join the sway I am hoping to host in September.  I have something different in mind and I do think they will enjoy themselves.

Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where I share the progress of my various needlework projects over the past week. I enjoy the encouragement that I receive from my readers and in return visit their blogs and cheer them on with theirs. You are welcome to grab the cute little mouse and create your own Needlework Tuesday post. Leave a comment with a link and I'll be sure to visit with you.

I'll try and stay focused this week and finish something, but daughter is planning that I'll be sewing her a skirt (even though she knows how to sew and attended summer camp to learn proper techniques....).  When she was tiny, I made lots of clothing for her. As she got older, she got picky and it was harder to find patterns she liked, so I made her quilts instead.  Now she is getting an office job and needs appropriate clothing. It looks like it's going to be an interesting summer to say the least.

Do you sew clothing?

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Kate said...

I just borrowed "The Magic Pattern Book" from the library. I may have to buy it. It has 6 patterns for separate pieces of clothing and each is shown in 6 variations. The patterns are included on a CD.
The author is Amy Barickman.

Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
That tea cozy is gorgeous. Love the color combination. The Star block is really pretty. Love the colors too. Have a great day!

Lin said...

What a great tea cosy pattern - great finish.xx

Roslyn said...

Super cute idea!
I would love to knit a new tea cozy but it is not happening any time soon!

Marie said...

Love the bright cheery colours in the tea cozy. Great job!