Monday, 30 May 2016

The Travelers by Chris Pavone

Being paid to travel the world should be a dream job, but one small change in the arrangements and it could become a nightmare.  Will Rhodes is a travel writer and enjoys his many overseas assignments with Traveler magazine until he sits with Australian adventure writer Elle Hardwick at a function in France.  From the moment he meets her, until the conclusion of the novel, Will it thrown into a crazy world where he has to question the validity of everything he thought he knew before hand.

This is my kind of action story.  It all seems reasonable, as though Will really could be the fellow working from the next desk.  He does his job well, is likeable and Ifound myself cheering for him to climb out of this deep hole he's found himself in.  Each time I tried to put the book down, I would delay and and bargain for just one more chapter.

The best, and possibly worst thing about this plot, is how close it could be to reality and I'll never know.  After have read and loved Chris Pavone's debut novel The Expats, I knew that I'd be on the edge of my seat with The Travelers.

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Mystica said...

You've really got me going with this review. Thanks.

Carole said...

Hi Heather, looks like a good one! It would be great if you added your review to the Books You Loved: June collection over at Carole's Chatter. Cheers