Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Needlework Tuesday - A concerted effort at progress

 I want to get this quilt done.  When i was making up the guest bed the other day, I was trying to stretch a twin quilt over the top of a queen size bed,  It doesn't work.  This quilt is going to be a bit bigger so it should cover the mattress top with a bit to spare.  A small border would make it even better.

Not sure what to do for the machine quilting and am checking several sites/books.  I am planning to quilt it as I assemble it strip by strip.  I like this one by Lori at the Inbox Jaunt.  As she says, it would be a good lead in to quilting feathers.

After stalling for a little bit, I am back knitting.  This little blanket is looking for pretty that I am excited working on it.  it's a simple pattern that has been easy to work while I'm watching television.

For those of you who partake in the annual quilt shop hops, it's that time again.  One is a block hop with 14 shops participating.  I have six of the kits (free kit to make an 8 inch block) and am probably going to leave it at that.  The colours are earthy and appeal to me, though I don't really see myself making the full project, some blocks don't speak to me, and several shops are just too far away.   I have a few more patterns for the Row by Row Experience.  I really like the house and door motifs that many of the shops are featuring.  I can imagine myself making a quilt using a lot of these motifs. (wait a minute, I don't need to start any new projects, i have far too many on the go).

I have friends on both sides when it comes to partaking in shop hops.  Some go on everyone they hear about, and others can't see the appeal.  They shop where and when they want.  I am curious whether you participate in shop hops and what your shops do to entice you visit?

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Kate said...

I love a good shop hop. There is one here in August. I have never made all the stores, usually just the ones less then 30 minutes away. Of course, that is six stores!
We carefully plan our trip, so lunch can be at some where unique, not some fast food. I guess lunch is the point of the outing.

Marie said...

Nice work! I think the mistletoe and berries motif would look great, but it looks hard.

I don't think I've heard of shop hops, but I'm not a quilter. Sounds like fun.

Have a great week!