Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Making Amigurumis

Amigurumis and those cute little cuddly things that you can knit or crochet.  They serve no practical purpose. They are just cute and possibly fun to make.  They are also a challenge for me to spell, every single time.  There are patterns for thousands of  Amigurumi on Ravelry.  Daughter wants to make some for a friend. This is a good place to brush up on her crochet skills, which have been rather dormant.  The crocheted sandwich that I showed a few weeks back and the ice cream cones from a few years ago, fall into this category.

This time we are making a herd of cthulhu. Well, I don't know what you call a group of cthulhu, but it will be fun making them.   So far we have completed one body each. I chose the variegated as I thought it might be easier to show daughter the stitches.

Her aunt has given her and assortment of yarns to work with. Should keep her busy for a while.

We are using a pattern from the book Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden , published by Quirk Books. 

Pretty slim stitching to report this week. This past weekend hubby and I were camping, not a place to take the light coloured projects I am working on.  can you imagine me sitting in my lawn chair with a ball of that almost white yarn, working on the afghan, I move and ball rolls onto the dust at my feet.  eeks.

I do have more ambitious plans for this week, but they are just plans and subject to change.  Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend of sun and fun and maybe even a little stitching.   Be sure to leave a comment and better yet a link to your current needlework post.

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Roslyn said...

Never heard of these Japanese sounding critters but as you said a good way to practice crochet skills!
I was at Joann's the other day to pick up a couple of notions and I noticed they have kits to knit with crochet hooks, have you ever heard of that?