Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Something About Sophie by Mary Kay McComas

This was a good story that kept me interested to the last pages.

Sophie Shepard is unexpectedly drawn into a story almost three decades old when a stranger invites her to visit him on his death bed.  She arrives too late.  She's then torn whether to determine what he wanted to tell her, or to let these secrets remain untold.  Matters are complicated when she meets Dr. Drew McCarren, with whom she feels an immediate attraction. 

I enjoyed watching the growth of Sophie's relationships with the various people she met in the small town of Clearfield, Virgina.  They seemed to progress in a realistic manner and intensity.

Each time I thought I had figured out the mystery, author Mary Kay McComas added a further depth to it.  At the onset, I thought it was a simple question of who was Sophie's birth mother.  It became a story of small town dynamics and how the actions of a small number continue to ripple outward.

Cover image courtesy HarperCollins Canada

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Mystica said...

I like the fact that it was not all that straight forward and that you couldn't find answers right away.