Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Arranging quilt blocks

I'm surprised that I got any stitching in this past week being that it was a very full week of volunteering.  I was so tired on Saturday that I almost fell asleep during dinner.  That would have been embarrassing as we were at a sushi restaurant, and I don't think I'd look good with rice on my face.

 All the blocks are complete for my current quilt.  The colours are wonderful and on the masculine side, which was the intent,
 This is the tentative arrangement, though I might make some changes. 
 I have a little paper punch that cuts one inch squares.  I cut the same assortment as I have finished blocks and started arranging.  This version is sort of an off centre barn raising.
 I believe this is called streak of lightening.  I don't like the mass of blue in the bottom left corner.
I switched the red and blue around a bit and it is better, but I still haven't come up with anything better than the original arrangement.  Once I finish piecing this top, I'm done.  I'll pass it along to another member of my quilt bee for the quilting and then it will be donated to charity.

 Yesterday afternoon was fun.  My nephew and I went to the Spinrite tent sale and we sure did buy some yarn.  If you are within reasonable driving distance, this is one sale that is really worth the drive. The prices are amazing and they had a vast amount of yarns in lots of colours in stock.  The yarn bombing around town was lots of fun.

I have two large garbage bags that were both fairly full.  More than half was for my sister.  I kept mine selections to specific projects that I already had in mind.  I bought these worsted weight yarns to make a mermaid style afghan for a friend using a pattern from Interweave Crochet. It's shown the cover of the current issue.   The pattern calls for bulky and I bought worsted weight, oops.  I can make this work.

The next bunch is for a secret project, so all you get to see are the colours.  This is going to be fun working with these colours.  I so want to start this project right away, but I really must finish some that are already in progress. I've not worked with mega bulky yet and will have to purchase new needles, size 19mm.

I am energised and ready to leap into my current projects. just seeing all those bins of yarns has put me in the mood for creating.  Time to stop writing and get stitching.  I hope that you are all inspired to stitch and  share your projects.

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Kate said...

That Tent Sale is a dangerous place. We get a scaled down version here, and I often buy more yarn then I can use, so this year I avoided going. I didn't have any room for more yarn. I glad you had fun and found some good stuff.

Lin said...

Nice blocks - I like your arrangement. xx

Roslyn said...

I like the original arrangement of the blocks, quite striking.
Fortunately my knitting is very limited due to time constraints so I would be safe at the tent sale!