Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Pokemon Go inspiration for stitching

 I live in a small rural community , the number of streets which can be counted on my fingers (with left overs).  We have one stop light and a hand full of stop signs.  It might not seem like much for you big city folk, but we do have a Pokemon gym and two Pokestops.

Hubby and I often go out for our evening walk and he collects a few Pokemon while I get steps on my Fitbit. Some nights, I want more steps, and I continue walking with his Pokemon Go enabled phone in hand.  I have found that the last few evenings, I have walked extra loops so I can pass the Pokestops and collect extra Pokeballs.  Having this new incentive to walk a little bit longer is rather fun.  Usually I would be listening to an audio book, but now I am listening for that ping that tells me I am approaching a Pokestop or that a Pokemon has popped into the area.

Yes, Pokemon Go  is a game, and a fun one that brings back memories of my son when he was four and wanted to play the same game, but it`s also a renewal.  It has taken something old and established and given it new life.  Something to keep in mind when your current project seems to be getting old and you don`t want to be working on it any longer.  Find a way to look at it with new eyes. Perhaps you can add a new material, or learn a new technique, or even decide on a new recipient.  Don`t let the old and familiar stop you from shaking things up.  Add a refreshing twist to the safe and try something out of our comfort zone, go that little extra distance and see what`s lurking around that next corner.  It could be a Pokemon that you haven`t collected yet but it could also be your next new favourite project or even a new friend-to-be.  Walk that extra block and see what happens.

Speaking of blocks, I finished the 42 for this scrappy quilt and have finally sewn them all together.  The blocks are 12 inches on a side.  I think it definitely would have masculine appeal, which is what I had been aiming for.  I`ll be taking this to my quilt bee on Thursday and hopefully one of our other members will take it home to finish.

Speaking of finish, the baby afghan is complete.  I love how it turned out.  It looks soft and inviting even with some of the darker colours that I have used.  Mostly, the yarn came from that mysterious bin  that lurks in my basement, though i did have to buy more of the white and that darker green.  It measures about 35 x 43 inches.  The baby it is intended for was born a couple weeks premature so I didn`t get it completed before his arrival. I`m sure he won`t mind.  His earlier sibling received one of the star afghans I made last year.

Sorry to be late with my weekly post. I worked a full shift yesterday and was too tired to write once I got home.  On the up side, while I was as work  I did  get a chance to read Chris Hadfield`s new book, The Darkest Dark.  It is an amazing book and will appeal to all ages even though it is aimed at children.  Adults older than 50ish seem to be most drawn to the pages relating the space events of 1969.  By the end of the book, I had a lump in my throat and tears threatening to spill.  The Darkest Dark is as much a coffee table book as it is a children`s book.

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Kate said...

Your scrappy quilt looks great.

Roslyn said...

I really know nothing about the Pokemon phenomenon other than I heard my husband mention to our Pastor that there are two on the church property, I just do not have time [or interest] to investigate! I do like your scrappy quilt it is very cheerful and bright.