Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Time out for Paint Nite

Last week I attended a Paint Nite event with a friend.  I haven't painted in years and my friend didn't recall picking up a paint brush since grade school.  We had a lot of fun and came home with new paintings for our walls.


The class plan called for making blue scenes, but nothing in my house calls for blue.  I dug out my colour wheel and selected the complimentary colour to my front room sofa, which is an olive green.  This pink/purple looks great with it.  Good to know that some of my needlework knowledge crosses crafts.

I also found some time to get in a bit more stitching.  And just in time as my local guild meeting was last evening.  We were to bring in the first two completed blocks for our BOM program.   I'm liking how my colours work together.  I have several of the teals and will probably need to get another brown piece as I am short by a 1/2 yard.

My plan is to jump right in and work ahead on the blocks.  Of the twelve in the pattern, I like 11 of them, but the cake stand block has to go, it's just too different from the others.  That's one great thing about making your own items, you can change and adapt them to your own desires.  Just like changing the colour in the painting, I can change any of the block patterns and make it something I can love.

As I get closer to the finish of my afghan, I am getting itchy fingers.  I have one final pair of socks to make for my Craftsy class.  I borrowed these wools from my sister and will use them to make the third pair.  Lucky sister, she gets the socks when I am done and my bonus, I didn't have to purchase any more supplies.  I think we are both winners.  Did I mention that my sister has a massive yarn/wool stash.  She was more than happy to share with me.   My mom is the same way with quilting fabric.   Unless we each have bought for a specific project,  we all share with each other.  Make for some very happy crafting exchanges.

I leave you with two questions today: first, have you attended a painting event? what did you think about it.  Second, do you share and trade your craft supplies with family and friends?

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Marie said...

Gorgeous colour combo! Teal and brown go so well together. I like your painting, too! Much better than I could ever do.

I've never attended a painting class, nor do I share supplies. Only because neither have occurred to me before now. I need to get out more. ;)

Have a great week!

Roslyn said...

I have never attended a paint night haven't heard of them around here in AZ.
Your BOM is coming along nicely, and I am envious of your sock knitting progress, I still have half a pair!