Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Needlework Tuesday - Finished Aghan

 Finally, I have finished the giant granny square afghan.  Well, it was supposed to be giant, but my crochet tension is off and it was getting a bit too wonky. it just won't lay flat without a lot of manipulation so there was no chance I could make it larger.  Lots good when it is all push and prodded to look flat.  Daughter says it is comfy regardless of shaping.
 It is certainly bright and cheerful and the black adds some definition.

 All twelve squares are complete for the BOM that my guild is following.  Now each month I will be ready and will just have to grab the appropriate blocks off the wall.  Not sure about the sashing, though I have metre of strip fabric that matches perfectly.  I will have to play with it and see if it will work.
 This is the block that I substituted for the cake stand one that was part of the pattern.

The pattern is by Jill Majers of Apple Avenue Quilts.
Seeing some good progress on the socks. Still a bit of a struggle with the colour changes.  It's hard to keep the tension nice in the join area, not that my sister will ever see that when she is walking around while wearing the socks, but it still bothers me.  The top of the sock turned out nice.  not sure if it was worth the extra effort, but I won't really know until my sister puts them on and wears them for a while.

In case you missed my earlier posts about the socks, my sister gave me the wool for them, that's why I will be giving them back to her.  I had started this class and didn't want to shop for the wool for this pair.  Knowing that she has a far too healthy wool stash, I shopped in it instead of a store.  Kind sister that she is, she put a large basket of sock yarn on her bed and let me take my choice.

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Marie said...

Great work as always, Heather. Love all the items, but those socks are going to be to die for!! Are those slip stitches?

Lin said...

Very nice finish on the afghan and the socks are looking so pretty. xx

Roslyn said...

From my experience with a similar crocheted blanket I can confirm that this design does tend to get a wonky but still cute!
Socks ahhhhhhh!