Thursday, 2 March 2017

Buffalo Jump: Jonah Geller #1 by Howard Geller

I borrowed this book from my library for my husband to read and ended up reading myself it instead.

It is an unusual PI story where Dante Ryan, a mob hitman, turns to P.I. Jonah Geller to help him avoid carrying out a killing he's been contracted to do.

Jonah then gets side tracked when helping a co-worker with another investigation, or does he. I can't reveal any more of the story, just that it keeps twisting away from where I thought it was heading.  I will say that the bad guys were undertaking a devious plan that was totally heartless.

I enjoyed this debut novel by Canadian author Howard Shrier.  A few times, I felt that he was writing for a male audience, though I decided to overlook those ill worded phrases and continue reading.  I'm glad that I did.

Cover image courtesy Penguin Random House Canada.


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