Sunday, 26 March 2017

Macaron Murder by Harper Lin

A fun, quick story set in Paris.  This murder mystery of a neighbour leaves relative newcomer, Clemence, determined to solve the crime and clear her name.

Clemence is perturbed at the seemingly inept police inspector, but she doesn't offer to share the additional information she has gathered. Along the way, she gets to know her new neighbours in ways she hadn't expected.

I enjoyed following Clemence as she visited with, and questioned her neighbours, particularly Arthur Dubois.  It shows one of the flaws in her character, that of jumping too quickly to conclusions. Not a good trait in an investigator.

I would read more mysteries by Canadian author Harper Lin.  Not sure that I will try any of the recipes for the macarons at the end of the book, but they do sound tasty.


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Unknown said...

When you mentioned that the author Harper Lin was Canadian, I briefly wondered if the story takes place in Paris, Ontario. A quick look at Goodreads confirmed that it all happens in Paris, France.