Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Needlework Tuesday - I love knitting cables


Did I ever mention how much I enjoy knitting cables.  Perhaps once or twice or more times.   Sometimes I am happy knitting a simple, repeated pattern doing the same cable again and again.  Great for a scarf where you don't want to pay too much attention.

Other times, I want to whole thing, travelling stitches, cables, bobbles and twists.  This shawl provided me with endless challenges.
My current secret project has a repeated horseshoe cable.  It's a 12 row repeat with three cables running the length of the project.  Not really all that much cabling to be done.   They are huge, I could practically stick my hand through the cable gap. I hope someone's toes don't get stuck.  This blanket yarn from Bernat sur is soft.  I have been snug underneath it while stitching.
While I keep focused on the afghan, I thought I'd pull out one of my oldest UFOs. I must have started cutting pieces for this one eight or more years ago.  The pattern is Denim Stars & Circles from Bonnie B Buttons.   I'm using old jeans for the back of the circles and worn out shirts for the fronts.  Of course I am careful with my cutting to avoid the thread bare areas of the garments.  Even when a shirt is worn out, much of the body is still in good shape.   I don't want to make this too big, as denim is very heavy.  The pattern says there is no hand sewing, so there is a change of finishing it soonish if I have enough bits for the front.  Of course, there is yet an entire laundry basket of old jeans waiting to be cut as well as a stack of black denim circles.  Since the edges are intended to fray, I have been marking the cutting lines with a sharpie marker.  Gotta love all the ways to use sharpies in projects.

It will be nice to mark this project off as completed one of these days.  Since I have now told you all about it, I will actually have to work on it and I don't want to be making excuses to all of you.  Please, be my conscience here.

Nobody has to admit it, but some of you might have a rather old UFO that you would like to deal with. Go ahead, pull it out and assess whether you are ever going to work on it.  Then leave me a comment saying simply "I'm going to finish it" or "I'm going to give it away". You don't have to state how long it's been sitting around, though I won't judge you.   I just want to share the good feeling of moving along on a lingering project.

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Marie said...

I love cables, too. It's so satisfying to see the pattern emerging. Lovely work!

I have many, many pairs of old jeans saved for the purposes of one day making a quilt. Since you need so many pairs of jeans to make a quilt and it takes time to acquire them (unless you have a huge family or ask others for donations), some of them are going to sit around for a long time. I'm not even sure I want to make a quilt with them anymore or even if my current machine, which I use so rarely, can even handle several layers of denim now. This isn't really a UFO because nothing has been done, but I'm going to pull them out and make a decision. It might not be this week, but sometime soon.

Good luck with your UFO.

Have a great week.

Lin said...

Oh yes, I too have a collection of old shirts waiting to be made up into a raggy quilt! They have all been deconstructed which is a start but no idea when I shall have enough to get going. Love your cables Heather. I am linking up my latest post about a UFO from way way back! Have a great week. xx

Kate said...

I finished my UFO this week. It is a great feeling to get it done.
Love your cables.