Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Needlework Tuesday - March Break and the Love of Reading

It's March break time in Ontario and we have ramped up the kids activities at work.  I have made a special post to reflect this.

First, I'd like to share the Love of Reading video from Indigo/Chapters.  It brings tears to my eyes each time I view it.  Our school libraries across the country and woefully underfunded.  Some schools near me receive only pennies per child to purchase books each year.  How do kids learn to read and to enjoy it when they are reading books that are falling apart and/or are very dated.  The Love of Reading program, through the donations of staff and customers, has channelled over $24. Million into some of the neediest schools.

The staff at my store are currently doing our behind the scenes fund raising.  I have knit these three ruffle scarves and donated them for sale to my co-workers.  All the proceeds will be donated.

When I reflect that today's children will be the leaders of tomorrow, they will be our doctors and lawyers, they will be our care givers.  I want them to be the best that they can.

If would like to donate to the Love of Reading fund, visit your local Indigo, Chapters or Coles books store, or visit the website.  All the donations are pooled together and ten of the neediest schools are selected from the many applications each year to rebuild their libraries.  Thank-you for listening.

 Tomorrow at work, the kids will be making egg carton animals using supplies from Klutz.  They make an amazing assortment of craft kits for kids.  For these samples I  used my empty egg cartons.
 I must admit, I really don't know what animal faces look like so mine are a bit wonky.
 A little acrylic paint works wonders in transforming that icky looking cardboard. The blue spotted one doesn't look much like a cow. oh well, I tried.
 The strangest animal in my farmyard is this robot.  Somehow he snuck in.  Guess he figured he'd fit right in with those flashy buttons.

This rooster is my favourite even though he's missing the underside of his beak. Such are the problems of late night crafting.

Hope you've enjoyed this March break special post .

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